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Raw Sapphire 2ct

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EMAIL TO ORDER THIS RING in different styles Philippa@philippadavinjewelry.com


Pictured is a ring in 18K Yellow Gold with a 1.95ct Raw Sapphire.

Ringband, width: ~3mm, height:~ 2.5mmm

Ring size 17.2/54. This exact ring is available and in stock. Can be resized to a smaller size. Choose carat size 1.95ct or email to order this specific ring. 

Can be made after your desired width. 

Every ring is unique and made upon order. The ring is based on this design. The sapphire is sourced after your wishes of size and color.    


Pictured, Rough sapphire 1.95ct. 

This ring can be made with Rough Sapphires from 0.5ct and up. 

Rough sapphires are available in many qualities and color. Contact me to go over the different options. For example there's red (rubies), yellow, green, orange, blue and pink sapphires available.

The prices are an indication! Please contact Philippa@philippadavinjewelry.com if you are interested in this type of ring and you will go over details of the ring together. 

The rough sapphire is cast in place creating a completely unique ring. 


The size is written in circumference and diameter(mm). If you don't know your size, please check our ring size guide below or contact me and I will help you out.

Please write your ring size in the text box "write your size here".  


Every ring is unique, and made upon order in my workshop in Sweden, with recycled gold. 


Please allow for 6-12 weeks delivery time.

For faster delivery please email Philippa@philippadavinjewelry.com to see if possible.

EMAIL TO ORDER THIS RING Philippa@philippadavinjewlery.com




Carat size

Product information

At Philippa Davin Jewelry we only work with carefully selected material. 

Gold & Platinum

All our gold and platinum does not originate from primary sources. All gold and platinum comes from recycled sources and suppliers that can guarantee no human rights violations and no criminal activities are financed. 

Diamonds & Gemstones

At Philippa Davin Jewelry we mainly work with Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies, facetted and rough. We happily work with other types of gemstones upon request. All gemstones used in Philippa Davin Jewelry are from suppliers that guarantee conflict free sources.  

All products are shipped with tracking information. 

All shipping of Gold Jewelry and Engagement Rings will be insured during shipping. 

Sweden: 1-5 days.

Europe: 3-7 days. 

Rest of the world 3-14 days.

See under each product estimated production time. Shipping is calculated from the day it leaves the studio, after production time. 

For more information about Return policy please see our return policy in the footer. 

Take care of your jewelry

All our jewelry is made to last a lifetime and be worn daily. We want to help you care for your jewelry in the best possible way and have therefor put together some useful tips for you.

Metal Care

Remove your jewelry before engaging in practical activities, such as yard work, cleaning and exercising. Use your toiletries like hair creams and lotions on your hands and hair before putting on your jewelry. Avoid having your jewelry come in contact with oils and harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners and chlorine can damage your jewelry. 

Gold and Platinum are relatively soft materials, they have a hardness of 2.5-3.5 on Mohs hardness scale. Even though they are very sturdy and hard for us they can sustain scratches through daily wear. This is normal and can be removed by a local jeweler.  

All textured metals will eventually become daintier on the most worn places of your jewelry. This is a natural part of the metals character as it wears down after long time use. We think this is a part of yours and your jewelry's journey together, however we offer to do a service and maintain the texture.

For thin pieces, please keep in mind that these metals can still be bend out of shape, so wear them with care and remove your pieces when appropriate. 

Gemstone Care

We mainly work with gemstones like Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies. These stones are good stones for everyday wear as they do not scratch easily, but like precious metals, gemstones can also scratch and sometimes break if knocked or dropped in *just* the wrong way. Even diamonds can chip on a very unfortunate occasion. We recommend you check your jewelry every 6-12 months. Stone settings can move and loosen over time with regular wear. If you notice any movement your jewel should be sent to us for inspection. 

To safely clean your gemstone jewelry, soak the piece in warm water and brush gently with a soft bristle toothbrush. 


The best way to store your jewelry is in the box that you received it in. There it will be protected from scratches. You can also store it is in a closed jewelry box.