"Working with the most precious materials in the world, creating unique jewelry pieces is a process I fell in love with from the
very first time I sat down by the bench. I found a new love."

I found the love for jewelry design after years as an artist where my focus has been with the equestrian community. My photography has taken me many places around the world, photographing horses and exhibiting my fine art.          

This was my passion for many years but a change in my lifestyle was of essence due to living with the chronic illnesses ME/CFS that limits my ability to stay active. Traveling and carrying around all the heavy equipment and setting up art shows was too much for my body.

One of my favorite parts of my job was when I worked on developing an art collection that combine my fine art and 23k gold, my PD Golden collection. This process of research, development, experiment, and creativity is something I find very thrilling!

To bend boundaries and think outside of the box, trying new things, is a part of my personality and that is
something that stays through to my creations, and you can see through all my fine art and jewelry.

The step from working in the studio on my PD Golden collections to start making jewelry was a transition that came naturally after my partner started showing me the process of making jewelry. From the first moment I saw videos of making a ring I was completely hooked. I knew this was what I was ment to do in life! From that moment and forward my everyday has been all about this world. Learning about every step of, and every part of this world.

I found a new love in life, and it is making jewelry, it is both my biggest passion and the best therapy for me.

My personality is shown throughout my collections, excited about trying new ways, colorful pieces, the beauty in the imperfections, textures, stones upside down, fun with a hint of elegance in every piece!

All jewelry is made with 100% recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones. 

Please get in touch for bespoke orders and any questions or requirements.